DJ Daniel Pereaux has graced the decks of the most kickass events, all over the globe. With his energetic sets, he will yet again be providing the cool, feisty soundtrack for the spectacular Showers 2017, happening on the 8 July at Café Del Mar.

We got together with Daniel to find out what this 28-year old dude from Sweden is all about. We kick off our interview with the obvious…How would Daniel describe Daniel? “A guy with a huge appetite for life and music. It’s not so complicated you know, trying to find a positive vibe in life’s every situation, no matter what,” he says cheerfully.

This sets the tone for the rest of our interview. Daniel seems to be the kind of guy who is a treat to be around; his sunny attitude to life is infectious. So how did he find himself here?  “Music has always been a huge part of family life. Mum sang in church and dad dropped disco tracks at his own parties as a DJ – it was all there. I actually started out with radio, I was about thirteen and started hosting my own radio shows on the internet. Through these channels, I met some interesting DJs, which really fired me up about the whole DJ thing.

I loved music, so I reasoned why not try to mix my favourite tracks? So, I got hold of a software called PCDJ and started practicing. I started DJing at small parties, like my little sister’s disco. What a blast! At sixteen I bought my first mixer, a Numark CD-MIX3. I couldn’t believe it was so hard to actually mix for real, it was really frustrating. What I didn’t know was that the mixer I bought was a karaoke machine! Well, finally I managed to get the hang of it, turned seventeen, started playing clubs and the rest as they say is history,” Daniel explains.

He recalls his first ever gig, “My first club gig was at a venue called Escobar, I’d heard that the coolest DJ in my town was placing there. So, I got there early, asked for Tommie (the famous DJ), who was sat there with a beer in hand, contemplating life before the chaos. I somehow convinced him that I could mix, he let me have a go and since then he has been my mentor. The only problem was that I was then still seventeen, but the club bouncers didn’t know that,” he grins mischievously before continuing, “there have been so many special moments throughout my career. I mean, my first gig was definitely one for the books. I could say my top three remain Bråvalla Festival (Sweden), Hall Toll (Stavanger, Norway) and of course Showers (Malta).”

Daniel reckons that 70’s disco has been a huge influence on his music; Sisters’ Sledge, Earth, Wind and Fire, in other words the iconic sound of the era as well as DJ’s Erick Morillo for that groovy sexy sound and of course the Swedish mavens, Axwell, Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Avicii, Ingrosso. He lists Earth, Wind and Fire as his all-time favourite artists, “To be able to sing, play and create that kind of music, both live and recorded just blows my mind,” he claims.

The music scene is constantly evolving, how does Daniel reckon it has changed from the time when he was just starting out? “It’s been massive. There is house music everywhere, festivals in every city of the world. As a DJ it’s been great to be able to grow and evolve together with the scene,” he says. Is there anyone on the planet he would love to collaborate with in future? “That would be Axwell, no two ways about it,” he says adamantly, “that would be a great day.” Speaking of which, what does he consider to be the pinnacle of his career to date? “That would have to be the first time I had the opportunity to play outside my city, and they actually paid me to get there,” he laughs.

But enough about the DJ…In a major catastrophe, what is the one single thing that there’s no way he’d leave behind? He promptly replies without even thinking, “That would be my family, of course! By comparison, nothing else matters!” Considering his laid-back attitude and cheerful disposition, has Daniel any pet peeves? “Not many, but negative people tend to p*** me off,” he says.

And finally, if DJ Daniel Pereaux had to be someone else for a day, who would he be? “Zlatan Ibrahimovic of course! Who else?” he concludes with his ever-present cheeky grin.